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The Best Personal Sport Assistent

SPPM Planner is an effective & intuitive management tool for all sports coaches. It offers all features needed for planning and managing your team.

Planning the preparation and sports training is a complex process which requires the leader’s professional competence, his practical experience and demands efficient tools. SPPM Planner is the best way how to get better training results and win with your sports team.

Available for iOS devices: iPad & Mac

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Adjusted for all sports games

  • volleyball
  • soccer ball
  • basketball
  • hockey puck
    Ice Hockey
  • handball
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    We can add other sports for you.


Have the training of your sports team under control

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    Start with a training plan

    When you create a new training plan, you enter a plan name, choose a type of sport and a pulse zone. You can manage your plan with 5 or 7 heart rate zones according to your needs & preferences.

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    Training planner

    When you create a new training plan, you enter a plan name, choose a type of sport and a pulse zone. You can manage your plan with 5 or 7 heart rate zones according to your needs & preferences.

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    Planning of training load proportionality & training unit

    At the microcycle level, you can plan the training load proportionality in each training indicator. You can go down to the smallest detail and adjust the training load up to the training unit level.

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    Intensity planner

    Intensity and volume of the training load are two basic elements in periodization planning. You can plan the intensity from the annual cycle towards the basic plan level which is the training unit. Everything can be set up very simply, easily and fast without any mathematical skills.

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    Team manager

    You have all information about your team members in one place. Each player has his own card with personal, somatic and physiological data.

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    The Playbook feature allows you to create, animate and share your plays & drills. It’s an easy-to-use and efficient tool for visualising the training drills. You can choose from many playgrounds, lines & objects, save the drills to your library and share them with your team.

    Download Playbook as a separate mobile app
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    Dashboard & Reports

    On the home screen you have a clear dashboard with data about the current microcycle events and training units. It’s a quick access to basic modules for sports planning and team management.

    You can create detailed reports that are intended to summarize planned training indicators and actually achieved indicators.

Professional soccer coach & partner Juraj is talking about how SPPM Planner works:

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“SPPM is an amazing application that helps me in planning and implementing the training process. It saves time, I don’t need a bunch of papers lying around – everything I need is right there in the app. Planning the training takes just a few minutes and the coach can also sketch it and share it... The app has a wide range of functions, it’s easy to navigate and great to use. When asked if I recommend the SPPM app, the answer is pretty clear – YES.”

Roman Kašša picture

Roman Kašša
Head Coach VK Prievidza Slovak Extraliga | Men’s national team SVK – assistant coach

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    Rudolf Hrubý
    Co-founder of ESET
    The main investor of SPPM

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    Ivan Hiadlovský
    Professional volleyball coach
    The ideamaker behind SPPM

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    Juraj Kostický
    Professional soccer coach
    Business partner

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    Michal Korman
    Co-founder of Touch4IT

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